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The Benefits of Robotic Parking SystemsRobotic parking systems are the fusion of computerized efficiency and raw hydraulic lifting power. These systems are designed to simplify the parking process by making them safer, faster, more driver friendly, more efficient, less expensive and more environmentally friendly. These benefits shift the mindset of the perceived high cost to the reality of how great these systems can be.
These systems are designed to be highly flexible in terms of exterior appearance, interior capacity and nearly all other features have multiple options providing further benefits to the owner. Some of the benefits include;
  • Safety, Security and Simplicity
o Due to the lack of backing into or out of parking spaces, the most common cause of fender benders is removed from the equation.
o One way entry parking allows drivers to enter a parking bay and leave knowing their car has been safely stored, saving them both time and peace of mind.
o A statistical impossibility of theft or vandalism as there is no human traffic within the robotic parking system.
o Because pedestrians are not entering the building, they are as a result far safer.
  • Environmentally Friendly and Green Positive
o Significant (between 70% to 85%) reduction in fuel consumption, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and other toxic substances compared to traditional parking garages. This is due the reduction in time a car is turned on.
o Roofs can be fitted with solar panels, providing a significant source of energy used for the system, thus reducing the drain on power grids and also reducing the energy cost.
o Construction phase causes less environmental pollution than the construction of traditional parking garages.
o Less energy use for lights, ventilation and elevators.
  • Economical, Efficient and Reliable
o Systems are designed with redundancy, or sometimes double redundancy in mind. If a lift or computer system goes down, a secondary system with the same properties as the downed one takes over with no downtime. Even power outages are handled with between two and four on site generators.
o Depending on design, between 30% and 50% more cars can fit in the same volume of space as a traditional parking garage of the same size.
o Upwards of 30 to 40% less ground area is required for robotic parking systems due to the removal of ramps, lanes, elevators and pedestrian space.
o Reduction in ventilation costs and maintenance, lighting maintenance and even insurance. These excessive savings, even when factoring in additional maintenance for the hydraulic system result in reduced costs.
  • Easily Built as a New Construction or Renovation
o Flexible design.
o Modular concept.
o Can be built above, below or a combination of the two.
o Robotic parking systems raise the value of surrounding real estate thanks to their benefits.
o Ideal for any application such as; downtown areas, business parks, offices, hotels, condominiums and more.
The benefits of robotic parking systems provide the plan for the future of parking. These benefits far outweigh the construction costs and long-term costs of a traditional parking garage. Simplicity, efficiency, economical and environmentally friendly are important in new construction and robotic parking systems provide these in droves.
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